In politics it is called “money laundering”.   That is the giving of money to one candidate and it winds up with another, one you would be embarrassed to be associated with.

Susan Komen Foundation is about breast cancer—but was outed as a donor to the abortionist Planned Parenthood organization—more than half of PP’s revenues are from killing babies.

“Many of those who ran beside Dominguez last year will not be there for this year’s race, scheduled for May 12. Last year at this time, 10,074 runners were registered for the Sacramento race. This year, 6,392 participants have signed up, according to local Komen officials.”

Glad to see folks with integrity in the Sacramento area.  Lots of honest anti-cancer organization that do not take money from women, then give it to an organization that kills females (and males).

Would you walk to raise money for Komen?


Amid Komen group controversy, registration drops for Sacramento’s Race for the Cure

By Jennifer Garza, Sacramento Bee,  4/27/12


“Last year, 18,899 runners participated in either the 5K race or one-mile walk for the Komen Race for the Cure in the Sacramento area. In general, participation has gradually declined over the past five years, from a peak of 24,148 in 2007. Organizers said they believe the fall-off in recent years was likely because of the economy. The fee for an adult to run the race is $40; to walk is $35.

But this year’s drop is the steepest, and supporters acknowledge that the controversy had an impact. They worry that the decrease in participants – and the funds they raise – will hurt local breast cancer groups and patients.”


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