The mainstream media is reporting an event here and an event there—but not the truth that terrorists are going to try to close down America on May 1.  Why is the media silent about the totality of the situation?  Demonstrations and attacks on people and property in at least 115 cities on May 1—the Soviet Union May Day celebration of the enslavement of workers.

At what point will the police stop the violence, theft, violence and other crimes organized by the Occupier Gang and unions?  Will cops allow the closing of the Golden Gate Bridge, banks in New York, ports around the nation?

As citizens we must demand the enforcement of our laws and the protection of our citizens and property.  This is a conspiracy—sadly Attorney General Holder is in the tank voter for the criminals—he sold guns to drug cartels, approved of voter intimidation and prefers illegal aliens being allowed to vote.  Any wonder these criminals feel protected by Washington?


Editorial:  Occupier Gangs and Unions To Terrorize America on May 1

By Stephen Frank, California Political News and Views

The biggest holiday in the old Soviet Unions was May 1, “May Day”.  It was a celebration of the worker—actually, the enslavement of the workers.

Now our home grown terrorists, a gang calling themselves ”Occupiers” has joined with unions to try to close down the United States on May 1.

In their own words, “For thirty-one magical days beginning this Tuesday, May 1, we take the plunge and Strike! We block the Golden Gate Bridge; occupy a Manhattan-bound tunnel; seize the ports. In 115 cities, we march into banks, erect tents and refuse to leave. We disrupt financial institutions forcing thousands to preemptively close. Five thousand of us pray, dance, sleep on Wall Street and in front of the Fed and if the Bloombergs of the world bring out paramilitary police to intimidate us, we use our social media fire to call out 50,000 more occupiers and intimidate them right back.”  This is from

A few weeks ago the AFL-CIO held a three day national training session for “leaders’ of the Gang.  The purpose was to teach them how to take over buildings and government facilities—and private property to claim it for themselves—as squatters.

This is what we know.

In San Francisco the unions and Occupiers are going to try to close down the Golden Gate Bridge.  If successful they will cause tens of thousands of workers to not get a paycheck.  The union goal apparently is to harm decent workers.

In the Sacramento area the California Nurses Association, for the third time this year, is going to force the closing of ten hospitals for a day.  For the very sick, the elderly and the young, even a couple of hours could cause harm or death.  This is a greedy union consisting of bribe payers and those who care not a whit about the health or safety of patients.  They want the contract they want, regardless of the cost; even losing lives would be OK in the pursuit of a bullied contract.

In New York, the true goal is to close all the tunnels and bridges leading into New York City. If successful, millions of people will not get to work and hundreds of thousands will lose a days pay—the Gang and the unions demand the poor be poorer.

In downtown Los Angeles the Occupier Gang and illegal aliens are going to march in the streets, to disrupt traffic—at 5:00pm!  The bigger question is with traffic so bad anyway in downtown LA, how will we know if the illegal aliens and gangs are successful?  Of course, this would be a great place for ICE to arrest illegal aliens—at least this could be a positive for the community.

What is the purpose of celebrating this Soviet Union Holiday?  The real goal is to try to get the police to ”riot”.  “Riot”? In leftist language that means forcing the cops to arrest criminals—something the LA, Oakland and San Fran police don’t do if the Occupier Gang is involved (which is mostly white—racism).  Crips, Bloods or Mexican mafia would be arrested—but the almost all white (elitist) Occupiers almost always get the charges dropped, so why arrest them—or stop them from holding property and businesses hostage?

On May 1 watch to see if the police do their job?  Watch to see how many criminals, illegal aliens bullying unionists, Occupier Gang members actually show up.  Maybe this is just another Leftist publicity stunt.

Think of it this way—if this was organized by the Tea Parties, our jails would be filled.  The Occupiers took over whole swaths of New York, LA, San Fan, Oakland and dozens of other cities for weeks—yet the jails were empty.

Demand arrests and the police enforce the law—or demand they resign for dereliction of duty.  What do you think?  Happy May Day, Stalin must be proud.


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Really? You sound like a propagandist. “let us hate these people for believing the system is corrupt” You could have mentioned the reasons they are mobilizing instead of vilifying them. But I (as a non-involved bystander) see you painting them as criminals. True, the methods they take may be illegal, but what they are protesting is immoral, the destruction of America(US). Perhaps you need to get out and talk to these people and see what they are standing up for, perhaps you should stop taking a paycheck for demonizing concerned citizens, or perhaps you just need less fluoride in your water, so you care more for where our country is headed.

April 30, 2012 at 7:51 pm

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