On March 27, 2012 Democrat Roger Hernandez was arrested for being a drunk driver.  He had a .08 count—drunk in the State of California.  It appears to me that he had been worried about his drinking habits.

On March 29, 2012  AB 2127 written by Hernandez, was reported out of Committee.

Per Total Capitol, AB 2127 would, “The bill would also authorize the sheriff or other official to permit a participant in a work release program to, upon documented proof of employment and verification of attendance at the worksite, receive work release credit for actively seeking and ultimately obtaining regular employment upon release from custody. The bill would authorize the sheriff or other official to award up to 5 days of work release credit for the job search. The bill would require that the participant’s regular employment be considered in lieu of performing labor in a work release program on an hour-for-hour basis, with 8 work-related hours equal to one day of custody credit.”

In other words he could work as a legislator instead of performing community service for his drunk driving.   See story here.

The real question is why should we allow a legislator to pass a bill that would stop punishment for drunk driving?  Was he drunk when he submitted the bill, or just your normal Sacramento sleaze?  Either way, this is a bill that needs exposure and a majority of NO votes.

Read the editorial, then send it to your legislators. Let them know that sleazy legislation will not be allowed.  Pass it to your friends—let them know who outrageous Sacramento has become.


Editorial:  Democrat Assemblyman Roger Hernandez—a Drunk or Just a Sleaze?

By Stephen Frank, Editorial, California Political News and Views, 5/7/12

Under current law if you or I were to be arrested and convicted of drunk driving, as part of our sentence, there would be a fine, hundreds of hours of community service, possible loss of license and much more.


Wouldn’t it be nice that if you knew you had a drinking problem, you could change the law so you would not have to perform public service?


The first step to ending an addiction is to admitting a problem.  Wonder when an enterprising investigative reporter will do a true background on Hernandez?  Was this his first arrest or has he been stopped before, but issued a warning.  Was he given a wink and a nod?


Legislators are powerful.  They can create or kill jobs (think AB 32 or SB 375).  They decide if a company must pay for the “privilege” of operating in this State (think cap and trade).  Legislators protect illegal aliens by giving them scholarships and seats in government colleges and universities.


Then they can protect themselves from punishment by creative exemptions.  In the case of Hernandez was this the first time he had a drinking problem?  Inquiring minds and decent citizens demand to know.


Hernandez decide to allow a friendly Sheriff (who needs State money for the law enforcement budget, to make the decision if working was good enough to stop parts of the punishment for endangering the lives of children and others on the streets.


The corruption is that by protecting himself, he creates a cottage industry for Sheriffs to raise money for their next election.  Of course there would be NO quid pro quo—just a happy circumstance that the Sheriff receives donations from “friends” who know the drunk driver not fully punished.


Where is the outcry?  Oh, they can not be one since the mainstream media has not connected the dots.  So far the media has handled this as just another naughty legislator 100 miles from home, in the night, with a lobbyist.  Nothing here to see.


The people of the 57th Assembly District (San Gabriel Valley) deserves answer, not political double talk.  The media needs to wake up.


Here are the dots…..a Democrat provides a bill to stop full punishment of drunk drivers.  The Democrat gets arrested for drunk driving, the bill is NOT pulled, though it looks really bad.


Should legislators, the rich and the politically influential suffer the same punishment for drunk driving as the other citizens of the State.


Amazing, a Democrat acting like a 1%er.  Call the Occupier Gang for a take over.


Here is a story about the arrest.





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