California families are pinching pennies to pay rent, buy food and get clothes for their children.

The State of California does not pinch pennies, it pays off the unions.

“California voter guides will be arriving at your home starting Monday, but this year they will be at least $500,000 more expensive compared with the last big election because of a 20 percent rate increase at the Office of State Publishing.

The Secretary of State’s Office just asked for — and received — a $1 million budget increase to offset the rate hike that will affect voter guides and other materials.

Critics, like Republican Senator Doug LaMalfa of Butte, told KCRA 3, “We’ve got a fiscal crisis like we’ve never seen. And we’re stuck in antiquated policy.”

That policy requires the state of California to use one – and only one vendor — the Office of State Publishing — to print the voter guides.

Some Republicans at the Capitol are incensed. They said taxpayers are losing millions of dollars because of the lack of competitive bidding.”

Why only the Office of State Publishing? Because it was is a union shop.  This is a long time policy that must change.  We can no longer afford to pay a premium for any service needed by government.

This is why the Brown/union/Munger tax increases are not needed.  Cut the waste and then we will not need more crushing taxes.



Taxpayers Shelling Out More For Voter Guides

Is Pricey Printing To Blame?

Mike Luery/KCRA, 5/7/12


“State officials deny the sweetheart deal, but explain the price increase as something that was necessary.

“We evaluated our rates and discovered for many years the Office of State Publishing had been running a deficit,” said Eric Lamoureux, deputy director with the Department of General Services, which oversees the Office of State Publishing.

Lamoureux explained, “Our other programs had been subsidizing them. We had to adjust the rates up 20 percent to help cover that deficit.”

Independent printers insist they can save taxpayer dollars, if only they were given the chance to bid on state printing jobs.”


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Richard Rider

Even worse than this waste is another CA Dem state law passed that does not allow county voter registrars to purge bad names from the local voter registration rolls — resulting in bloated government mailings to dead people, moved people and other nonvoters.

May 8, 2012 at 9:43 am

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