Pension Collapse Result in San Jose?  Cops No longer respond to break-ins!

Crime is rampant in San Jose thanks to the bankrupt city forced to fire hundreds of cops.

“Councilwoman Nancy Pyle’s staffer Tom Johnston emailed the neighbors a suggestion to report crimes to the cops.

“Seriously?” neighbor Susan Wiens replied. “Your answer to this is: ‘Sorry the neighborhood is too stupid to call the police when a crime happens?’ I will be sure to keep that savvy advice in mind. I would have never thought of picking up a phone when I saw a crime or had a crime happen to me.”

Glad the Second Amendment still covers San Jose.

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Internal Affairs: Neighbors can’t get San Jose police to respond to break-ins

By the Mercury News. 12/09/12


What does it take to get a San Jose cop on a burglary case these days? The SJPD is woefully short-handed, its burglary unit fanned out to patrol while the city scrambles for new recruits as officers flee deficit-driven pay and benefit cuts. And even flush departments don’t follow up every reported theft.

But when Kurt Loeswick’s home near Branham High School was burglarized Nov. 9, he had more to report than just broken glass and missing valuables. He and his neighbors had evidence a neighbor kid was involved and even recovered a stolen safe.

But the police, they said, haven’t responded, even after neighbors reported a similar string of break-ins.

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