Add selling closed Post Office buildings to the ehticall challenged Dianne Feinstein and husband Richard Blum cabal.  Dianne uses her public office and her husband uses his businesses.   In this case husband Blum gets an exclusive contract to sell over one billion worth of Post Office buildins—at 6% commission.  Why so high?  Ask Dianne.

They did the same thing with the FDIC, to get exclusive rights to sell facilities.

“About the same time of the contract award, Mr. Blum’s private
investment firm reported to the Securities and Exchange Commission that
it and related affiliates had purchased more than 10 million new shares
in CBRE. The shares were purchased for the going price of $3.77; CBRE’s
stock closed Monday at $5.14.”

In other words, Richard Blum bought 10 million shares at the same
time his wife arranged for an unusual and extremely large chunk of
taxpayer money to go to FDIC. Blum must have been an investment genius
to guess that his wife’s intervention would coincidentally precede the
FDIC’s award, making CBRE stock more valuable. Blum’s investment made a
$14 million profit for Blum and Feinstein and their partners.

See the full story by clicking on the blue headline


Post Office properties to be privatized by crony capitalists; Sen. Feinstein’s husband profiteers again

Thom Hartmann program, 2/11/13

So difficult to choose a little headline for this one! I also considered these:

* Wouldn’t you know a PRIVATIZATION scheme was behind latest Post Office story?

* Washington Corrupted Ethics prime mover of Post Office CRONY CAPITALISM scam

* Repeat offenders are taking the public’s money and are running

* Corrupt Duo of Dianne Feinstein and Richard Blum at it AGAIN

The story is from the bottom of the Business page of the San Francisco Chronicle in THE BOTTOM LINE column by Andrew S. Ross.

So, it is reported,  US Post Office buildings — particularly historic, lovely old, well-maintained post office buildings in good locations — are being sold off.

[I interpret this as predatory capitalists rubbing their hands together in slobbering avarice and saying in phony reasonableness "Wellllll-- if the mail won't be delivered on Saturdays anymore, The People don't need these properties any more, so PRIVATIZE THEM! Sell off the public property of The People to us in the private sector!"]

The Postal Service has ended its previous practice of using multiple real estate agents nationwide for its dealings and is now giving ALL SELLING PRIVILEGES to the CB RICHARD ELLIS GROUP of which California Senator Dianne Feinstein’s husband Richard “Dick” Blum is CHAIR.

[Talk about just some crony capitalist hijinks? No! This is not good clean fun. It is absolutely disgusting. This proves that the Feinstein-Blum public trough irregularities uncovered in the past decade should have been investigated and prosecuted, because these predatory profiteering types are always repeat offenders! If you are unfamiliar with the previous Feinstein-Blum scams -- wherein Senator Feinstein was on a Military Appropriations sub-committee and apparently funneled insider government contract tips to her hubbie -- you can read about their profiteering scams here:
And here for access to the full expose reportage of Peter Byrne available at: ]

Back to today’s latest Feinstein-Blum profitstream with the Post Office real estate:…


On its website, CBRE shows 57 post offices nationwide listed for sale or in the process of being sold. They include Sausalito’s main post office, priced at $5.2 million, two in Fresno for a combined $2.9 million, and one in Los Angeles for $8.3 million. The main post office in Modesto, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, sold for $1.02 million in 2011 to a developer who plans to convert it to lofts, The Chronicle reported in August….

In December, protesters opposing the sale rallied outside the offices of Blum Capital in San Francisco’s Financial District, and a delegation later met with staffers at the San Francisco office of Feinstein.

As for accusations of a conflict of interest and suspicions that Feinstein may have influenced the awarding of the contract to her husband’s firm, Feinstein’s office strongly denies the charges….

[end excerpt; read more at link]


The denials of corruption by Blum and Feinstein are their usual denials.  Deniability is trumpetted loudly, but the constant hummmm of INSIDE TRACK knowledge, contacts and information never seems to stop in this era dominated by crony capitalists.


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feinstein is a crook of the worst kind. pelosi and boxer aren't far behind.

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