1. End the American Dream. Site discusses economic and freedom issues from a conservative, freedom, viewpoint.

2. Mish’s Global Economic Trend Analysis. Non partisan discussion of economic issues.

3. The Economic Collapse. Site describes economic issues in an easy to read series of articles.

4. RedState. Nationally news from a conservative viewpoint. Interesting take on national politics.

5. California Civil Justice Blog. Discusses abuse of courts. Excellent

6. Jewish World Review. Discussion of Middle East Issues and Washington responses.

7. The Hill. A non partisan Washington online newsletter. Good information

8. California Budget Bites. Left wing site dedicated to expanding government. Need to know their arguments.

9. Heritage Foundation. Great briefing papers on any subject, from budgets, to social, to national defense.

10. Yid With a Lid. Thoughtful articles on foreign policy and national defense

11. Naked Capitalism. Strong articles on national economic issues.

12. Washington Times. Starting sometime in June they will have an online section for each State to be represented by a State blog. News from every State.

13. National Review online. Old line solid traditional conservative views and values.

14. Swing State Project. Daily analysis, from a Leftists viewpoint of races, local, state and federal from every State. Good site to understand ideas and priorities of the Left.

15. National Center for Political Analysis. Great briefing papers on national issues, from a more libertarian viewpoint.

16. Human Events. Old time, Tea party type national paper on politics and policy

17. Research Congress. Great site to find Congressional bills and analysis.

18. Acorn Cracked. Everything you need to know about this corrupt organization.

19. Hot Air. Good launching point to dozens of policy and political blogs—on right side of page is “hot links”

20. California Legislative Analysts Page. Gives details on Sacramento legislation. Important information.

21. Upchucky. Free music from any of the last seven decades. Nice to have in the background.

22. BeforeItsNews. Want to know the news of the future?

23. Open Government Track California bills

24. Open Secrets. Place to look for donors, PAC’s and special interest money in national politics.

25. California Republican Assembly 2011 legislative Scorecard

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Keep up the good work. We need to keep an eye on the politicians in Sacramento!

June 4, 2014 at 1:59 am

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How long does a reply to my comment take?

April 22, 2014 at 2:34 am

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