Obama’s press secretary Jay Carney decorates home with Soviet propaganda
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  OIG Raises Concerns About States’ Outsourcing of Medicaid IT Work iHealthbeat,  4/15/14 Eleven states outsource internationally some of their IT-related Medicaid administrative work, including nine states that lack laws to limit how private health information is shared overseas, according to a report from the HHS Office of Inspector General, the Washington Times reports. Background […]

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Voter Fraud Easy in California—Proof

by Stephen Frank on 04/15/2014

  California’s on-line voter registration system lacks sufficient safeguards and enables voting fraud Over 6,000 duplicate registrations generated on line in just nine counties, with over 100 appearing to vote twice on November 6, 2012. Election Integrity Project,  4/15/14 SANTA CLARITA, CA. April 14, 2014 - Election Integrity Project (EIP), a citizen-funded nonpartisan election oversight group, today reported on […]

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  SoCal Edison to conduct mass firings “SCE’s employment growth is not sustainable,” a company memo said. Scott Bridges, LA Business Journal,  4/15/14 Southern California Edison Co. is trimming the fat, which is to euphemistically say firing several hundred of its employees. “SCE’s employment growth is not sustainable,” a company memo said. “To continue to […]

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  FBI asks to meet with San Francisco supervisors Ongoing investigation targets political corruption KCRA,  4/14/14 SAN FRANCISCO —The FBI plans to talk with San Francisco city leaders as part of its ongoing investigation targeting political corruption and an alleged organized crime syndicate in Chinatown, the agency confirmed Monday. An agent contacted Supervisor David Chiu’s […]

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Sen. DeSaulnier grills high-speed rail CEO on funding By Kathy Hamilton, Calwatchdog,  4/15/14 Editor’s Note: This is Part 2 of a series looking in depth at the latest hearing in the state Senate on California’s high-speed rail blueprint. Part 1 is here. Skepticism took center stage as the Senate Transportation and Housing Committee held hearings on Gov. […]

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  Initiative Would Revive Redevelopment Agencies By Dave Roberts, Calwatchdog,  4/15/14 If it were a movie, it might be called “Revenge of the JEDI: the Redevelopment Empire Strikes Back.” It’s the California Jobs and Education Development Initiative (JEDI), which would enable the revival of the 425 redevelopment agencies eliminated in 2011 by Gov. Jerry Brown and the California Legislature. The initiative liberalizes the […]

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  U.S. Postal Service Joins DHS, Social Security Admin, NOAA in Ammo Purchases by AWR Hawkins, Breitbart,  4/15/14 The U.S. Postal Service is now the latest federal agency to announce plans to acquire “assorted small arms ammunition.” To be fair, it has probably acquired ammunition in the past, as it contains within itself the armed […]

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Commentary: Wall Street Banks Overcharge LA

by Stephen Frank on 04/15/2014

  Commentary: Wall Street Banks Overcharge LA By Jon Zerolnick, Public CEO,   4/15/14 You know the old joke. It gets tailored for whatever the despised group of the moment is: Q: What do you call 10,000 [lawyers/politicians/whatever] at the bottom of the ocean? A: A good start. I was thinking about that recently with regard to […]

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  Senate leader proposes permanent sources of funding for sustainable affordable housing and mass transit Senator Darrell Steinberg, 4/14/14 Formidable coalition backs the long-term investment plan for clean infrastructure that promises smart growth, jobs, to meet California’s landmark climate goals (Sacramento, CA) – Two months after a speech that provoked a firestorm debate on the […]

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  Taxing taxes: Those feeling pain of higher taxes have plenty of company Mark Calvey, San Francisco Business Times, 4/15/14 Predictions that many would be in shock when they got their tax bills Tuesday are proving all too true. “They’re reeling and unhappy. Every year there seems to be new or higher taxes hitting them,” […]