How much do honest taxpayers pay for illegal aliens in our government schools?  “Numbering 1.4 million, English learners make up nearly a quarter of all K-12 students in the state – and nearly 40 percent of all California’s kindergartners. One in four quits school – the worst dropout rate of any demographic group in California. Only 60 percent graduate high school within four years.”

Art a minimum, we are paying for one million illegal aliens.  That means NO school district parcel tax, bond or tax increase is needed—just enforce our immigration laws.

Did you know school districts get EXTRA money to teach English to the illegal aliens?  Maybe that is why the districts keep the foreigners in remedial and English “Learner:” classes—it is about the money, not the education or honesty of government officials.

The worse abuser of taxpayers, students and the law is LAUSD—of course they top all such list—remember, their drop out rate in nearing 60%.  Government schools fail students and parents and make a mockery of our laws.  Kids learn that government is to be fooled and ignored.  A good lesson for all of us?


California’s English language learners getting stuck in schools’ remedial programs

By Rob Kuzni, San Bernardino Sun,   11/24/12   

New master plan

Even as several pieces of English-learner legislation have become law statewide, LAUSD has its own new initiative.

The nation’s second-largest school system has more English learners than any other district – nearly 31 percent of its 650,000 students. Officials estimate that nearly 40 percent of those are considered long term, unable to attain proficiency after five years in a program.

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Marten Purdy

Taking advantage of Americans and their way of life when you have no intention of living here or being loyal to the U.S. The single-biggest problem in America and totally out of control. The outright disrespect of immigration laws from the aliens themselves and the Federal Government. Corporate America has jumped on the bandwagon hiring illegal aliens in the name of cheaper labor. The government allows it to continue because politicians of both parties know it means more power for them. It has resulted in about 12 million undocumented aliens living in the United States and creating an unnecessary burden in America: the loss of American jobs and outsourcing for cheap labor and overcrowded schools.

December 26, 2012 at 8:40 am

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Now a days english has become an important language for children at school level.English is widely spoken language in all the parts of the world.I always enjoy learning english with videos like this It helps me to improve my skills.

November 26, 2012 at 10:10 pm

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